The turbulent event of Partition gave birth to our college. Refugees streamed into Kolkata and its surrounding areas during that critical time, destitute and homeless. Their daughters needed education, to enable them to make their way in the world. So in 1948, our college was established. However, it has widened its focus over the years. It now caters to all sections of society, including socially and economically disadvantaged students. We strive tirelessly to impart to all our students not just academic education but critical thinking skills, solid work ethics, social skills and a strict moral code. It is our aim to send our students out into the world with not just a graduation degree but with the qualities of a good human being who can cope successfully in the outside world and set herself as an example to others. Read More  

Our goal is to make ordinary students self-reliant, confident and empowered. Many of the girls who study in the college are from poor families from the suburbs. Since the college is close to one of the most important terminal suburban stations in the country, most students commute daily from far flung areas to the college.
The mission of the college is to provide quality education to the ordinary students to make them self reliant. The college also provides free education to about ten percent of the students who cannot even afford the meagre fee charged by the college. Providing meaningful education to girls largely from poor families is the core mission of the college.