Surendranath College for Women
24, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kolkata 700009.
Estd.1948 NAAC B++ Accredited College
Affiliated to the University of Calcutta




The college provides a good quality IT facility to help the students and teachers for learning and teaching purpose. There is both central and departmental facilities for smooth functioning of the daily teaching-learning, examination and other departmental and administrative activities.

Academic Departments

The college has a total of 58 desktops and 5 laptops dedicated solely for the academic purpose only. Department of Geography, Commerce, Economics-Statistics–Mathematics has separate computer laboratories. All these computers are provided with subject specific software.These department are also provided with scanners and printers for proper functioning for the laboratories. A regular maintenance of and repairing of these computers are done by the respective departments and office.

Two computers are used by teachers of the departments without computer laboratory for teaching purpose, for preparation of classes and for providing soft copy teaching materials. Apart from these eight departments have ICT classrooms with projector, desktops and audio systems and amplifier. Some the departments are equipped with smart classrooms by the help of Intellispace software.


An online public access catalogue Online Public Access Catalogue, popularly known as OPAC is used for providing a bibliography of the books available at the central library. This online access catalogue is accessible both by teachers and students. The library is managed with a help of a library management software from LIBSYS. With the help of this software the library of our college is fully automated now. The manual catalogue is replaced by digital catalogue and had been made available to all students and teachers.
The library is also well equipped with eight computers and along with good quality scanners and printers. Among these, two computers are allotted to teachers and two computers are used by students. Three computers are dedicated for the LIBSYS operations and one computer is used as the main server. E-books and E resources through NLIST are available for students’ access in the central library.

College Office and College Administration:

The college administration uses 12 desktops and two laptops for the smooth running of the college. There are four computers assigned to teachers for administrative purposes including the functioning of IQAC, university examinations,committee works.Two computers are used by the Bursar and account section, while the rest in is used by the office staff for admission, registration, feescollection, universityexamination and other activities. The regular maintenance upgradation of these computers and related accessories is done bythe local vendor as and when required.

The college office operates on the students’ front through the help of two software, named Computer Xpert and CBCS. The latter is used from the beginning of the CBCS system of University of Calcutta. The Computer Xpert is used from 2021 August onwards.Both the softwares have two interfaces- one for feescollection from students and the other one is for student data management. Computer Xpert helps in collection of online fees and the total fees collection data management. While CBCS is used only by the office for offline fees collection. Both of them are used for student data management. They are also used other purposes like, from the admission procedure to upgradation of students to new semester to management of attending as well as maintaining all the students’ related information.

Internet Facilities:

The institution has 23 separate broadband connections at 100 MBPs with scheme of monthly unlimited data. All these connections are multipurpose in nature with LAN, Wi-Fi and routers, which enables the whole college to access internet. The college office library Bursers Room, conference room teachers staff room has separate connections all the academic departments have adequate internet access along with the separate internet connections for the computer laboratories.