Governing Body


President :
Dr Chinmay Sekhar Sarkar
Principal & Secretary :
Nominees of the Directorate of Public Instruction, WB

1. Mr Debasis Banerjee

2. Professor Sucharita Banerjee

Nominees of the University of Calcutta

1. Dr Sudipa Bandopadhyay

2. Dr Purna Chandra Maity

Nominee of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation
1. Smt. Aparajita Dasgupta
Teacher Representatives

1. Professor Anjana Chakraborti

2. Professor Mousumi Chatterjee

3. Professor Sanghamitra Sarkar

4. Professor Smita Mazumdar

Non-Teaching Staff Representatives

1. Sri Apurba Roy

2. Sri Ashok Kumar Bhattacharya

Students’ Representative

1. Ms Ankita Saha


Visit of NAAC Team

College Rules

All students have to appear for their respective university examinations at the end of every academic year.

During the academic year, they have to appear for the following tests in the colleges as per Calcutta University stipulations.

  • A minimum of two unit tests each for Compulsory English and compulsory Bengali/Hindi.
  • A minimum of four unit tests each for each general subject.
  • A minimum of four unit tests each for the honours subject.
  • A pre-final examination for the honours subject.

Guardians are called whenever necessary to inform them of their ward’s progress etc.

Faculty members organize quiz-sessions, workshops, tutorials, micro teaching by the students , field survey and project work and remedial classes to evaluate the students’ performance.

Rules and Regulations regarding Examinations:
Appearing for all unit tests, pre-final examination is mandatory.

Rules and Regulations regarding attendance:
As per Calcutta University notification,” No student shall be considered to have prosecuted regular course of studying the subject for any University examination unless he/she has attended at least 75% of the lectures delivered and at least 60% of the tutorial classes held in the subject.”

minimum 90% attendance in practical classes is compulsory.

Shortage in attendance at practical classes will not be condoned under any circumstances.

Students have to adhere to the rules and regulations of the college and Calcutta University regarding attendance. Regular attendance in the classes is must. A student must, at least, acquire the following percentage of attendance to sit for the examination as Collegiate/Non-collegiate student.

A Discollegiate student will not be allowed to appear for her univ exams .

  • 75% and above —— college student
  • 60% and above but below 75% –Non collegiate student
  • Below 60% ——–Discollegiate student

No exception shall be made to the above-mentioned regulations, under any circumstances.

Leave applications have to be produced by the student if she remains absent in the college for 3 or more consecutive days.