Surendranath College for Women
24, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kolkata 700009.
Estd.1948 NAAC B++ Accredited College
Affiliated to the University of Calcutta

Dr Papia Mitra


Name Dr Papia Mitra
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification M.A M Phil Ph.D
Contact No
Teaching Area
Date of Joining in this Institute March, 1999

Research Interests

Augustan Age in English literature, Religious studies, Mythology and Fairy Tale studies, Culture Studies, gender

Research Project

Minor Research Project. funded by UGC: An Inquiry into LokayataDarsana, Sanction memo no.: F.PHW-054/08-09 (ERO), dtd. 12/12/2008
Completed on 03/8/2010

Professional Experience

A) Published Papers in Journals

SL NO Title with vol. No. And page nos Journal Publisher ISSN/ISBN No. Year
1 The tragedy of Duryodhan: Urubhangam as a classical Greek tragedy International Journal of Culture Studies and Social Sciences Vol – VII, No. –X, 2017 Tagore-Gandhi Institute ISSN – 2347-4777 2017
2 Sati as a mode of empowerment: Ideology and Agency The International Journal of Culture, Literature and Criticism, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad ISSN: 0976-1608 2017
3 The Ending Of Epochs: Apocalypse And Rebirth Of Cosmos Through Water” Pp 34-57 International Journal of Culture Studies and Social Sciences Vol – V, No. – VIII, Tagore-Gandhi Institute ISSN – 2347-4777 2017
4 Faith Over Works: A Comparative Study Of Symbolic Women In Hinduism And Christianity” Pp 16-23 International Journal of Culture Studies and Social Sciences Vol – IV, No. – VII, ISSN – 2347-4777
5 Othello VsOmkara: Narrative Strategies Of Two Outcasts” Pp. 56-63 New Frontier: International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
Annual Issue No. 2,
Sarup Book Publishers ISSN – 2394-8221 2016
6 “Conceptualisation And Translation: Practical Handicaps In Relocating Cultural Paradigms” Pp 179-181 International Journal of Culture Studies and Social Sciences Vol – III, No. – VI Tagore-Gandhi Institute ISSN – 2347-4777 2016
7 PROSPERA THE MOTHER: How A Vowel Changes Shakespeare’s Canon In The Tempest”,
Pp. 66-89
Theatre International, Vol VII (Shakespeare Special Issue,) Shakespeare Society of Eastern India ISSN NO: 2278 – 2036 2014
8 SHAKESPEREAN AND INDIAN MORAL VISION: Cordelia In The Light Of Indian Concept Of Dharma”,
Pp. 88-97
International Journal of Culture Studies and Social Sciences Vol – I, No. – IV, Tagore-Gandhi Institute ISSN – 2347-4777 2014
9 English In A Post-Colonised Classroom: Perils And Strategies Of Teaching English
Literature In A Multiethnic Indian College”,
Pp. 457-468
CD-ROM. ISSN: 2165-6266 :: 1(6) 2012


iii) Books Published as single author or as editor:

SL NO Title with page nos. Type of Book & Authorship , Publication type ISSN/ISBN No. Publisher (city/country) & Year of Publication
1 The Rivals Critical Edition, edited by Anirban Bhattacharya(edited volume) Article,“Subaltern characters in The Rivals.” 978-93-83265-18-3 Book Valley,(Kolkata), 2018
2 Glimpses of World Literature ed. Ganesh Thakur Article, Fairy Tale Structure in Shakespeare’s Tragedies: a study of four tragedies”, pp. 194-209 978-93-81549-71-1 ABS Publication (Varanasi), 2015
3 Comparative Philosophy and J.L. Shaw
P. Bilimoria, M. Hemmingsen (Eds.)
Chapter 16,

“Artificial Intelligences and Karma: An Evaluation of Information Technology
in Light of J.L. Shaw’s Concept of Moral Free Will”
pp. 247-262

978-3-319-17872-1 Springer International,
4 Memorial Year 2014: (Nehru – Shakespeare –Lermontov – Beckett), ed. Harish C. Gupta Article,

“The Shakesperean Goddesses: The Trinity of Weird sisters and the Indic Context”,pp. 65-85

978-93-5196-830-6 Indian society for West East Literary Studies, (Kolkata) , 2015 6 William Golding’s Lord of the Flies: A Critical Guide Book N.A Shakespeare Society of Eastern India &Avantgrade Press, (Kolkata) 2004

(ii). Papers presented in last one year

SL NO Title of Paper presented Event Title Venue Organizer Date Status
1 Ram-Sitavs Shiva-Parvati; a re-imagining of the ideal wife” Shakespeare’s 454 Birthday Celebrations with a National Conference ICCR, Kolkata Shakespeare Society of Eastern India & ICCR 28th April, 2018 National
2 Diversity in unity: the exploration of one aspect of VasudhaivKutumbakan” International Conference on VasudhaivKutumbakam Convention Centre, JantarMantar, New Delhi Shaikshik Foundation 24-25 February, 2018 International
3 “Local Nationalisms and Global universalism: the politics of interaction in Indian context” IASA 8th Biennial International Conference MohonlalSukhadia University, Udaipur Department of English, MohonlalSukhadia University & ICSSR, New Delhi 16-18 January, 2018 International
4 Fanfiction: Digitally (re) formulating the canon Decentering Interdisciplinary Studies within the Space of Digital Humanities St. Xaviers College, Jaipur Department of English, St Xavier’s College, Jaipur 23-24 November, 2017 International
5 “The Ties of Blood: The Subtext to the New Surrogacy Bill, 2016.” An Overview of Legal and Ethical issues concerning Surrogacy Surendranath Law College Surendranath Law College 8-9th March, 2017 National