Surendranath College for Women

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta


Principal’s Desk

Surendranath College for Women is a well known Girl’s College of Kolkata serving for decades towards spreading of education and uplifting of Women’s cause in the city. We have various courses with sufficient number of able and enthusiastic teachers to guide the student & Non-teaching staff are always cooperating to run the official works smoothly & efficiently. Our library is user-friendly and labs are fully equipped and well maintained. Seminars, workshops, webinars and Field-works are organized by the Departments on regular basis. We aspire to a holistic grooming of our students by providing a modern infrastructure, disciplined learning environment promoting a vibrant campus life through various cultural, social and athletic activities in the College.

It is hoped that young girls graduated from our college will grow as an intelligent, up and doing person having strong sense of values and social responsibility.

Our goal is to make ordinary students self-reliant, confident and empowered. Many of the girls who study in the college are from poor families from the suburbs. Since the college is close to one of the most important terminal suburban stations in the country, most students commute daily from far flung areas to the college.
The mission of the college is to provide quality education to the ordinary students to make them self reliant. The college also provides free education to about ten percent of the students who cannot even afford the meagre fee charged by the college. Providing meaningful education to girls largely from poor families is the core mission of the college.